Back-To-School Supplies For Teachers (And Other Grownups)

It's already started — the shortening days, changing leaf colors, and hints of pumpkin spice on the wind. Let's face it. Fall will be here in no time, along with back-to-school season, which means that school supplies are in order, especially for teachers, who do so much for students from kindergarten to college (and beyond). From crafting syllabi to decorating classrooms, not to mention the hours spent planning lessons and activities, if anyone could use a drink this time of year, it's teachers. So, cheers to the faculty! We've got your school supplies right here. 

And, as a THANK YOU to all the teachers, professors, and learning leaders out there, we're offering a special discount. Beginning Friday, 8/12/22 to Thursday, 9/08/22 the first day of school for New York City's public schools, teachers (K-12) and college faculty can present a valid school ID at Wine & Spirits and receive 10% off your purchase (in store only).

Just in time for this year's orientation, we've paired core school subjects with classic wines and cocktails that are definitely worthy of further study (heh-heh). Ready for Greene Grape study hall? Read on!

Calling all teachers! Present a valid school ID and receive 10% off your purchase at Greene Grape Wine & Spirits

Red Newt Cellars Riesling 2017📚

English is all about the classics, both old and new, just like this crisp white from Red Newt Cellars in New York's Finger Lakes region. Using Riesling, a classic grape if ever there was one, queer winemaker Kelby James Russell created an unforgettable, critically acclaimed wine using his own unique style. This white is savory and fruity, with intense smoky notes on the nose that evolve to grapefruit peel and crushed ginger over time, and a lengthy finish. For homework, we suggest pairing this forward-thinking new classic with a time-tested one, such as George Orwell's Animal Farm, or even Duck For President by Doreen Cronin. 

Red Newt Cellars Dry Riesling 2017 & Xumek Malbec 2019

Xumek Malbec 2019⚛️

All wines dabble in science in some form, but Xumek is especially keyed into Agriculture and Biology. Located in the Zonda Valley, within Argentina's San Juan winegrowing region. The winery also hosts a nature preserve which is home to foxes, pumas, condors, and eagles, to name a few, and involved in two projects to support the endangered guanacos and ñandúes (rheas) of the area.  Xumek's wines, including this elegantly nuanced Malbec, seek to reflect the unique terroir of the Zonda Valley. A plush reddish-purple in the glass, this medium-bodied red delivers blackberry, spice, and tobacco notes with freshness and a delicately complex mineral finish. 

Fibonacci in Fort Greene & Wandering Barman Iron Lady Cocktails

Fibonacci in Fort Greene🧮

 ¼ oz Forthave Marsaille Amaro
 ¼ oz Dolin Genepy
 ½ oz Barking Irons Apple Jack
 ¾ oz Cappelletti Aperitivo
 1¼ oz Cocchi Americano
Orange zest, for garnish

What does this cocktail, inspired by Paul McDonald's Fibonacci in Autumn, have to do with math? It's all in the proportions, which are given in a Fibonacci sequence.

Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass. Fill the remainder of the glass with ice. Stir vigorously until the mixing glass is frosted on the outside. Strain into a favorite coupe IYKYK

Iron Lady Rose Gin & Hops Sling🌎

Rosie the Riveter was the star of a WWII campaign aimed at recruting women to work in the U.S. defense industry. Over time, she quickly become a symbol for women in the workforce, women's independence, and the inspiration behind the label of this firece cocktail from Brooklyn-based Wandering Barman. Their mission is to move the hospitality and service ard smarter, more sustainable practices, with quality ingredients and less waste. Perfectly portable, Iron Lady Gin Rose Gin & Hops Sling cocktail is floral on the nose, fresh and fruity on the palate, with notes of rose and citrus.