Grape Of The Week: Pinot Blanc

While Pinot Blanc is widely grown, it never has a leading role in the world of wine. A mutation of Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc wines mostly originate from northern Italy, Germany, and Alsace, France. Pinot Blanc closely resembles a mild Chardonnay in flavor profile, with refreshing notes of pear, peach, crushed gravel, and lemon zest. This typically dry wine is best with soft cheeses, pasta carbonara, and a roast chicken salad. 

Pinot Blanc Wines

Named Weissburgunder (white Burgundy) in German, a third of Pinot Blanc wines are produced in Germany. Aged in new oak barrels, German Pinot Blancs reflect the style of Chardonnay with a touch more acidity, and the perfect amount of body to balance the oak. In comparison, Italian Pinot Bianco wines are lighter, more mineral, with fresh notes of pear and apple. With a touch of spice and creamy fruit notes, Alsatian Pinot Blancs are balanced and round, adding a different flavor profile to the collection. 

Looking to lose yourself in a bottle of wine? Here are some wines to try:

J. Hofstatter Weissburgunder 2021

Weingut Rebholz Pinot Blanc 2020

Weingut Wieninger Gemischter Satz Bisamberg 2016

Grape Photo Courtesy from UC Davis