Wandering Barman

Iron Lady Rose Gin & Hops Sling

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Rose and citrus provide a floral refreshing start, followed by the hops’ delicate, bitter dry finish. Floral, Bright, Fruit.

Wandering Barman

Brooklyn-bred, industry-proven. Wandering Barman was founded by Julian Mohamed co-owns Yours Sincerely & Darren Grenia, co-owners of Bushwick's Yours Sincerely, with Roxane Mollicchi, the bar’s former manager. Their mission is to move the service industry toward smarter, more sustainable practices, with quality ingredients and less waste. They combine their own handcrafted bitters, syrups, and infusions with quality spirits to create original, prebatched cocktails, and donate 1% of profits to alcohol addiction support groups.


United States

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