XumeK Malbec 2019

  • Organic
This elegant Malbec is intense, royal purplish-red in the glass, with explosive aromas of black plum, violets, and jarilla, which is typical of Argentina’s Zonda Valley Lush blackberry, spice, and tobacco flavors wash across the palate with excellent freshness and a delicately complex mineral finish.


Helmed by Ezequiel Eskenazi Storey with winemaker Daniel Ekkert, XumeK is a Project that seeks to reflect the extreme and unique terroir of Argentina’s Zonda Valley. Grapes are the most important protagonists, although their vineyards interact with the native flora and fauna in a raw and rugged natural environment. They are committed to respecting the natural habitat of the animals that historically made up the fauna of the Zonda Valley and were the food base of the Huarpes peoples (indigenous people that inhabited the Cuyo area). With the objective of preservation, they carry out two projects of experimental breeding of guanacos and ñandúes. The wildness of the Valley allows foxes, pumas, guanacos, condors, crowned eagles to live in absolute freedom, in harmony with the local flora made up of purse, carob, jarilla, bream, cattail and reeds.


San Juan, Argentina

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