Grape Of The Week: Muller-Thurgau

A happy accident, Muller-Thurgau is a cross between Riesling and Madeleine Royale grapes. It was produced with the aim of combining all the advantages of Riesling while hoping it would ripen earlier. Mostly found in blends, Muller-Thurgau is known for its notes of peach, rose petal, lime, and flint. Ranging in style from skin-contact to sparkling wines, it can be paired with mushroom burgers, roasted pork, and poultry.

Muller-Thurgau Wines

Originally one of the most popular German grape varieties, Muller-Thurgau became massively unpopular in the 1990s, and was pulled up and replaced with Riesling. Found across Europe, it’s mainly produced in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. The grapes tend to thrive in high-altitude vineyards, especially in Riesling sites, but unlike Riesling it is less resistant to winter weather.

Explore these Muller-Thurgau wines:

Fritz Muller Perlwein NV

Jan Matthias Klein Little Bastard White 2020

Schlossmuhlenhoff Das Ist Keine 2020

Grape Photo Credit - Rosenzweig