Region Of The Week: Veneto

Home to well known cities such as Venice and Verona, Veneto is made up of more than Romeo and Juliet’s hometowns. Located at the northeast corner of Italy, at the top of the Adriatic Sea, Veneto is also the second largest wine producing region in Italy. Considered one of Italy’s coldest regions, Veneto tends to have extremely strong winters and very warm summers. 

Veneto Region Map

Originally known for quantity over quality, Veneto used to push out Pinot Grigio wines made for supermarkets. With just over 94,500 hectares of vineyards, 80% of Veneto’s wine production is white wine. Infamous for wines like Valpolicella, Amarone, white Soave, and Prosecco, Veneto’s main grapes are Glera, Garganega, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, and Corvina.

Explore wines from Veneto:

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