Grape Of The Week: Glera

Originally the name for both the place and grape, the Prosecco grape was renamed Glera in 2010. Known for making the perfect mimosa and bellini, a wine can only be labeled Prosecco if the Glera grape makes up 85% of the wine. Only nine other grapes are allowed to make up the rest of Proseccos. Glera bursts with notes of green apple, honeydew, pear, and hints of lager and cream. While traditionally paired with antipasto and cured meats, it also sparkles with spicy Asian food.

Considered Italy’s most well known sparkling wine, here are some Proseccos to try:

Corvezzo Terre di Marca Prosecco NV

Made exclusively from organic grapes, this Prosecco tantalizes with aromas of apple and pear blossoms, with just a touch of funk.

Sambucese Verde Prosecco NV

Made from sustainably farmed Glera grapes, this sparkling wine is vibrant with notes of yellow pear, golden apples, lavender, and a hint of ferns.

Ca' Furlan Prosecco Cuvee Beatrice NV

Boasting aromas of marzipan and white flowers, while peach and brioche notes cleanses the palate.