Domaine de Rancy

Rivesaltes Ambre Vin Doux Naturel 2000

  • Organic

Made from 100% Macabeu, this rare dessert wine spent 21 years in barrel before being bottled. The slow oxidation in barrel gives this wine its characteristic amber color, as well as complex notes of fig, date, toasted hazelnut, and caramel. Best served at room temperature, try this on its own after dinner, or alongside cheese, pastry, or chocolate cake. Once opened, the wine can be enjoyed for several months. 

Domaine de Rancy

Jean-Hubert Verdaguer and his wife, Brigitte, helm Domaine de Rancy in the Roussillon, one of only a handful of quality wineries still producing exceptional Rivesaltes in the old Ambré style. This unique type of fortified wine is a Vin Doux Naturel, in which a pure spirit is added during fermentation to stop conversion of sugar into alcohol. These are complex and incredibly versatile dessert wines, typically 16% to 20% alcohol with 85-100 grams of residual sugar, and acidity varying between 6% and 8%. The grapes – 100% Macabeau – come from organically-farmed vineyards. It is the addition of neutral grape spirits that prevents them from obtaining organic certification on their Vin Doux Naturels. They are hand-picked late in the season, pressed, fermented, and fortified in tank. Only the best wine is chosen for barrel-aging, and it remains in barrel for up to 60 years. The wines are bottled as needed, unfined and unfiltered, and the wine is best served at room temperature to fully appreciate the intense, complex aromas that develop in the glass.


Roussillon, France

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