Wine and Cheese? Yes Please!

There are some things that are just meant to be experienced together, like burgers and fries, tequila and lime, and of course, cheese and wine! Whether enjoyed as the main course during #girldinner or at a networking event, wine and cheese are a classic pairing that has stood the test of time.

If you need even more reason to love wine and cheese, culinary science backs this fantastic pairing. Astringent foods, like wine, tend to bind with elements in saliva which can lead to a puckered mouth, and the more you consume, the drier your mouth becomes. This is where cheese comes in! Its fatty texture coats your mouth, providing something other than your saliva for the wine to bind with. 

We’ve paired some of our favorite wine with fantastically delicious cheeses from Greene Grape Provisions below. Commemorate National Wine & Cheese Day this July 25th by giving them a try today!

Bulli Pet Nat & Columbia Cheese Challerhocker

Wine: Bulli Julius Bolle Macerato Colli Piacentini Frizzante NV
Cheese: Columbia Cheese Challerhocker

Why It Works: This delicious orange pet nat boasts notes of citrus and yellow flowers with an underlying hint of herbs, which is complemented by the Challerhocker, a cousin to Appenzeller. With a hard washed rind, its briny and intense flavors of cooked leeks and sweet cream makes the wine sing, bringing out a creamy texture.

Wine: Eno-Trio Macerato Traminer Aromatico 2022
Cheese: Los Cameros Rosemary Manchego

Why It Works: A natty orange wine that reflects a Sicilian summer, this wine has gorgeous notes of herbs, citrus, and lychee, which pairs fantastically with this Rosemary Manchego. Together they tango in your mouth emphasizing the herbaceous notes and cutting through some of the funkiness of the wine. 

Wine: Giovanni Almondo Fossa della Rosa Brachetto 2020
Cheese: Caseificio Alta Langa Castelbelbo

Why It Works: A subtly sweet and fizzy red wine, Fossa della Rosa Brachetto offers bright notes of fresh strawberry, raspberry, and red currants. When paired with the Castelbelbo, it’s reminiscent of strawberries and cream, with the luxurious putty texture and notes of tangy, sweet cream complementing the wine. 

Joel Curveux Pouilly Fuisse & Cabot Creamery Clothbound Black Label

Wine: Joel Curveux & Fils Les Menestrieres Pouilly Fuisse 2020
Cheese: Cabot Creamery/Cellars at Jasper Hill Clothbound Black Label

Why It Works: This stunning example of a classic white Burgundy is fresh and mineral with notes of apples, pears, and white flowers, while being framed by citrus zest and a hint of nuttiness. The Clothbound Black Label emphasizes this nutty quality with its own notes of toffee and peanut brittle, making this pairing harmonize together. 

Wine: Pares Balta Grosella Sumoll 2021
Cheese: Puy Laveze Fourme d’Ambert

Why It Works: Bright and chillable, this red wine is full of snappy red fruits and vibrant, mouthwatering freshness. When paired with this classic French blue cheese, the cheese’s creaminess highlights the fruit of the wine, while adding a bit of mushroom and gentle spice notes. 

Wine: Terres Dorees Le Rose d’Folie Beaujolais Rose 2022
Cheese: Blue Ledge Farm Lake’s Edge

Why It Works: Dry, elegant, and mineral, this French rose displays notes of strawberry and tangy red fruit, which is highlighted when paired with Lake’s Edge cheese. Buttery and tangy, this cheese balances the wine providing some delicious salinity while showcasing the fruit notes.