Giovanni Almondo

'Fossa Della Rosa' Brachetto 2020

  • Organic
This ain’t your grandma’s dessert wine.  Subtly sweet and just a bit fizzy, this red from Piedmont offers bright notes of fresh strawberry, raspberry, and red currants at the very peak of freshness. It’s a perfect partner for an after-dinner cheese course, or as a partner for pots de creme and chocolate eclairs. Serve slightly chilled.

Giovanni Almondo

The Almondo family has lived in the Località Vittori di Montà, the heart of where Arneis grows best, and the epicenter of country life in this part of the Langhe for nearly 600 years. They raised wine grapes for centuries—along with cherries, asparagus, cereal grains, and a few cows—but produced vino sfuso, “loose wine” that was basically sold in bulk to anyone who turned up with an empty jug. That changed in 1980, when Giovanni Almondo’s son Domenico took over the vineyards. Marrying multi-generational knowledge with modern techniques, the Almondos have pulled something truly special from these windswept slopes of calcium-rich clay and sandy soils—which earned organic certification in 2022. Exceptional white wines in a region almost exclusively devoted to red, and elegant, nuanced reds that reflect the true story of the Langhe. 


Piemonte, Italy

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