Terres Dorees

Le Rosé d’Folie Beaujolais Rose 2022

750 ml
  • Organic

This dry and elegantly mineral rosé comes from winemaker Jean-Paul Brun’s organically farmed old vines in the hills of Charnay, a village just north of Lyon in southern Beaujolais known as the "terres dorées," or "land of the golden stones." With notes of strawberry and tangy red fruit, it is a joy to drink as an aperitif and a rock star alongside chicken and pork. 

Terres Dorees

Terres Dorres is located in Charnay, a village in Southern Beaujolais just north of Lyon, in a beautiful area known as the "Terres Dorées" or Region of Golden Stones. Jean-Paul Brun is the owner and winemaker at this 60+ hectare family estate and has attracted the praise of experts and consumers alike for the wonderfully fruity and delicate wines he produces. Brun works to make "old-style" Beaujolais and his vinification differs from the prevailing practices in the region. He believes that the charm of Gamay's fruit is best expressed by the grapes' indigenous yeasts, rather than by adding industrial yeast. His Beaujolais is made to be pleasurable ― light, fruity and delicious ― not an artificially inflated wine that shines at tasting competitions.


Beaujolais, France

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