What's Your Pouroscope? Virgo Edition!

With six planets in retrograde at the beginning of Virgo season, the next couple weeks may be a little on the bumpy side. From Mercury retrograde doing what it does best and disrupting communications, to Venus continuing its backspin in Leo and bringing the past to light, you’ll find yourself trying to navigate various obstacles. Despite this, Virgo season is delivering organizational and creative vibes to help you get back on track with your passions and goals. As you rediscover the things that mean the most to you, we’ve got you covered with a collection of star sign inspired wines. Check them out below, along with our new Virgo Season playlist on Spotify, where you’ll find a stellar collection of tunes to keep you boppin’ all month long.


This season you’re looking for ways to improve as the Sun gleams in your sixth house of wellness and organization. Spend time doing a thorough summer cleaning, getting rid of items you haven’t reached for in a while, or letting go of friends who are no longer providing a balanced friendship. Virgo season is the ideal time to implement healthy changes to your routine, like setting aside time to cook yourself a delicious meal or taking your mental health seriously.

You Should Listen: "this is me trying" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: La Zerba Gavi 2021


A blast from the past is right around the corner as back-spinning Mercury throws people from the past onto your path. While they may have tempting promises of having changed or that if given a chance things will be different, proceed with caution! You're unwilling to allow history to repeat itself as you have already learned from the past. That being said, this season you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and creative which could lead you to discovering new hobbies and passions. 

You Should Listen: "Timeless (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: Social Hour Cocktail Yuzu Sunset Fizz


As you welcome the Sun into your fourth house of domesticity, you’re striving for a more peaceful, low-key end to your summer. Instead of beach hangs and cookouts at the park, you’re looking forward to quiet nights in and one-on-one time with those closest to you. While you’re on your break from being social, take the time to focus on yourself and practice some self-care. 

You Should Listen: "I'm Only Me When I'm With You" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: Stolpman Vineyards Love You Bunches Red 2021


With Mercury, the ruler of communication, spinning in reverse through your communicative third house, your ability to connect with others may be on the fritz this season. While you’re looking for ways to share your passions and knowledge with others, as well as network with like minded people, you may want to wait until Mercury retrograde ends. In the meantime, triple check your emails and texts to ensure your messages aren’t lost to interpretation.

You Should Listen: "Fearless (Taylor's Version)" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: La Croix des Loges Eden Saumur Brut NV


You’re feeling quite productive this Virgo season as the Sun shines on your second house of practicality and stability. Take this opportunity to put your plans into motion and start building your business brand. As things start to take off, you'll be able to settle into a new routine that allows you to priotize everything you're trying to accomplish. If you're feeling a bit unsure, find security in your support system. 

You Should Listen: "New Year's Day" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: Familia Escudero Becquer Vermouth de Garnacha


Happy Birthday Virgo! You’re feeling inspired and ready for anything during the Sun’s stay in your sign. However, your ruling planet, Mercury, is in retrograde creating a slight hitch in your plans. It may be best to stay out of the spotlight until Mercury stations direct. In the meantime, choose your words carefully as they have a higher chance of being misconstrued. Keep your interactions in person, especially when you’re trying to convey important messages. 

You Should Listen: "22 (Taylor's Version)" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: Quinta da Boavista Rufia Vinho Dao Branco 2018


The Sun is chilling in your twelfth house of rest and relaxation, giving you the perfect opportunity to go off the grid. With your season right around the corner, wrap up the things you’ve been working on so you can thoroughly enjoy your birthday. If needed, delegate tasks to others. It’s okay to ask for help, especially if you’ve been a little stressed out recently. Make sure you implement moments of relaxation into your schedule by listening to a fun podcast, meditating before you go to bed, or doing yoga in the morning. 

You Should Listen: "The Archer" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: Pago del Vicario Blanco de Tempranillo 2022


You’ve been working non-stop recently, Scorpio, and your efforts have definitely paid off! Now you can let go a little and start relaxing. In fact, you’ll get even more done outside of the office than you will by physically being at work. Go out to industry events and network with others. This may lead to new opportunities you haven’t considered before. Wait until Mercury rights itself before you work on any huge group projects, as Mercury in retrograde can make it extra difficult to collaborate.

You Should Listen: "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: Giovanni Almondo Valbianchera Barbera d'Alba 2020


This season you’re extremely focused on your career as the Sun beams on your tenth house of career and ambition. As you set your goals and get your priorities in order, claim the prosperous energy that Virgo season is dishing out. It will help you clearly identify the path you need to take so your dreams can be actualized. 

You Should Listen: "The Man" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: Domaine de Sacy Sancerre Rose 2022


While Virgo season is typically quite an adventurous time for you, Mercury retrograde is putting a halt on travel and spontaneity. Although the Sun’s rays are inspiring you and urging you to take chances, Mercury is reminding you not to rush into anything. Spend time reflecting and thoroughly planning your next moves before you take action. Think outside the box and disregard the limitations society tries to impose on you. 

You Should Listen: "Dear Reader" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: Stekar Sivi Pinot 2021


As you welcome the Sun into your eighth house of intimacy and privacy, you’re ready to dive into a brand new relationship or project. Whether you’re dedicating all your time to research for your project or getting to know your new partner, try to avoid tunnel vision. These things tend to be all consuming but getting out and enjoying the outside world will help you stay interested in the long run. 

You Should Listen: "happiness" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: Tokoeka Estate Pink Sauvignon Blanc 2022


With the Sun at its furthest point from you and Mercury in retrograde, you’re going to be pretty out of balance this Virgo season. There’s likely to be conflict between you and your friends, or you may even start to have second thoughts about your partner. Before you take action and do anything drastic, think things through and really consider all of your options. 

You Should Listen: "Everything Has Changed (Taylor's Version)" by Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran

You Should Drink: Three Wine Company Faux Pas Contra Costa County Red 2022