Red, White, and Booze: Revolutionary Producers

A revolution can be defined as “a great change in conditions, ways of working, or beliefs that affects large numbers of people,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Here at Wine & Spirits, we continually support makers who not only make great beverages, but who also stand for something—be it innovation, sustainability, equitable labor practices, or giving back to the community. Forget about those ol’ traditional rockets, this July 4th put your glasses in the air to celebrate these American producers who have started their own “revolution” in wine and spirits.

Antiquum Farm Pinot Gris Vineyard Photo

Antiquum Farm

The Willamette Valley is known for wines and winemakers that innovate in the industry. Antiquum Farm, founded and farmed by Stephen Hagen, is no exception. This visionary farm is home to a new method of winegrowing, Grazing Based Viticulture, a term coined by farmer and owner Stephen Hagen. This innovative approach combines viticulture, animal husbandry, and regenerative agriculture. Hagen believes farming, in its best form, may evolve into art and shine light on some of the best attributes of humankind: kindness, empathy, creativity, duty, and patience.

‘Daisy’ Pinot Gris 2022

Anytime Spirits Co Founders Photo

Anytime Spirits

About a third of all greenhouse gasses come from our food system or – more specifically – from the process of growing our food. In order to change the food system, Anytime’s Co-Funders Maddy and Taylor believe farmers need to be put front and center, which is why farmers are the heart of their business model. When done right, farming can actually reverse the effects of climate change, which fuels Anytime’s commitment to regenerative agriculture: sourcing the very best produce ensures that they are farming their way towards a more sustainable future.

Cranberry Amaro Splash
Farmhouse Vodka
Herby Lime Fizz

Fox Run Vineyards Photo

Fox Run Vineyards

Fox Run aims to achieve full creative expression within each wine they produce, with limited impact on the flora and fauna of Seneca Lake. The winemaking team, headed by John Kaiser and Craig Hosbach practices dry farming, and has introduced mycorrhizae fungi into the root systems to help bring more water and nutrition to the vines and soil. In addition, the winery planted a 4-acre monarch butterfly and bee sanctuary to support the local pollinator population.

Doyle Family Chardonnay 2021
Dry Rose 2023

Franchere Wine Company Owner Photo

Franchere Wine Company

Franchere Wine Company is an exciting project helmed by Mike Hinds. A regard for history, nature, and place runs through the wines of Franchere. His gentle approach to winemaking ensures that the wines express their central Willamette Valley origins. Fermentations are conducted exclusively with native yeasts and no enzymes, tannins, colorants, water, adjuncts, or gums are ever added during production. The wines are aged in used barrels and neutral tanks, and the end results are fresh, savory, and balanced.

Split Infinitives NV Pet-Nat

Harridan Vodka Owner Photo

Harridan Vodka

Female-owned and thoughtfully crafted, Harridan Vodka aspires to be “everything the spirits industry says [they] shouldn’t be.” Founded in 2020 by Bridgette Taylor and distilled from organic, locally grown corn in Ovid, New York, by Joe Myer, President and Master Distiller of Myer Farm — one of the oldest continually operating organic farms in the Northeast — Harridan Vodka is complex and interesting, breaking molds and upending industry norms in honor of its rebellious namesake. Harridan Vodka doesn’t use any single-use plastic during its production. Their bottles are crafted in Mexico from recycled glass, meaning no two bottles of Harridan are alike, and each is hand-dipped in their signature black wax. Please reuse or recycle the bottle!

Harridan Vodka 750ml

Macari Vineyards Rose 2022

Macari Vineyards

The Macari Family’s waterfront farm, with sweeping views of the Long Island
Sound, was established over 50 years ago. Since the first vines were planted in 1995, Macari Vineyards has been recognized as an industry leader in regenerative agriculture. The vineyard is home to a herd of cattle, used for composting, and grows grapes without the use of herbicides.

Rose 2022

Split Spirits Wood Selection Photo

Split Spirits

Split Spirits believes it's possible to make spirits that enrich the soil, rejuvenate the forest and refresh our air and water, with no need to compromise the environment to obtain delicious flavor. Because traditional barrel making produces less than two barrels from a single century-old white oak tree, they aim to use whole trees (and not just white oak, either) when creating their aging barrels. Instead of felling still-living trees, they source their wood from lumber seconds — “splits” of wood that would go on to inspire their name. They'll even take some of those splits and infuse them directly into their spirits, like "inverse barrel aging," as they put it. 

Adventure Kit Whiskey Gift Set
Single Origin NY Whiskey

Winery Sixteen 600 Vineyard Photo

Winery Sixteen 600

If you ask him, Phil Coturri might quote a Levon Helm song and describe himself as a “poor old dirt farmer”. However, after 35 years pioneering organic and biodynamic winegrowing in California, descriptions range from “famed organic viticulturist” by the Hollywood Reporter to “the ubiquitous wizard of sustainable winemaking” by Sonoma Magazine. He was born with the cultural palate of Italian immigrants, weaned on the music and ethos of San Francisco in the 1960’s, and planted deep into the rocky hillsides of Sonoma Valley.

Simons VYD Marsanne 2018

Photos Courtesy of Antiquum Farm; Anytime Spirits; Fox Run Vineyards; Franchere Wine Company; Harridan Vodka; Split Spirits; and Winery Sixteen 600.