Grape Of The Week: Riesling

Riesling is known as “King” of the international grape varietals. Versatile and highly aromatic, Riesling can  produce bone-dry to very sweet ice wines. Known for its bright acidity and notes of lime, green apple, beeswax, jasmine and even petrol, Riesling tends to reflect its terroir (aka its home turf) more so than almost any other grape. Extremely food friendly, Riesling pairs well with whatever food you throw at it, from sushi to spicy Indian food.

Germany produces most of the world’s Riesling, with more than 20,000 hectares dedicated to the grape, especially in the Rheingau, Pfalz, and Mosel. However, interesting styles of Riesling can also be found in Alsace, France, South Australia, and even the U.S – and they’re different everywhere. German Riesling tends to carry notes of petrol, slate, and lots of minerality. In contrast, the wines of Alsace tend to be higher in alcohol, and fuller bodied. South Australia, a cooler climate than others, produces distinct Rieslings that focus more on tropical and citrus flavors with less prominent aromas of petrol. 

Ready to explore? Here are some wines to try:


Van Volxem Wiltinger Riesling 2020

Peter Jakob Kuhn Quartzit Riesling 2020

Markus Huls Schieferspiel 2020

Modern & Blends

Jan Matthias Klein Little Bastard White 2020

Skyline Wine Cellars Artisan White 2017

Day Wines Vin de Days Blanc 2021