Canadian Club

Canadian Club Whisky 9 Year Reserve


Canadian whisky, spelled without an "e" in Scottish tradition, is colloquially referred to as "rye", although it is generally a blend of straight ryes, bourbons, and malt whiskies. As a result, they tend to be lighter bodied than their American counterparts. The whiskies in this bottle were aged for at least 9 years after being blended, in contrast with the more common practice of aging separately, then blending. Aromas of butterscotch, pecan pie, cloves & maple syrup dominate, with hints of cigar box. The first sip hits hard with intense flavors of pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, cornflakes and more maple. As it opens up, it reveals hints of toffee, chocolate & caramel candied apples, and courser oak spices, finishing long and spicy, with the sweet maple that underlies the whole experience.

Canadian Club



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