Troyanska Slivovitz Plum Brandy

  • Kosher

Aged for 4 years in barrel, this full-bodied, traditional plum brandy from one of Europe’s largest distillers offers notes of fruit and sweet baking spices, with a rich, smooth finish. Incredibly versatile, slivovitz works well as an aperitif or after-dinner sipper, however it can also add depth and complexity to cocktails such as the sidecar or cosmopolitan. Kosher for Passover.


Founded in 1948 as a state-run distillery, Vinprom-Troyan focused primarily on plum and apple rakias — the local, traditionally double-distilled fruit brandies popular in the Balkans. The company has modernized its techniques and processes, and today processes about 6,000 tons of fruits every year. In 2007, following demonopolization of the sector, the company was acquired by Rudolf Jelinek, one of the largest spirits producers in Europe. Today, they continue producing their trademark slivovitz, as well as fruit brandies made from Mirabelle plum, blackberry, and more. 



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