Lillet Rouge Aperitif 750ml

Made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, Lillet Rouge is fortified with lemon and orange brandies and quinine, the latter of which acts as a bittering agent. A delightful lightly spiced, bitter aperitif wine, Lillet Rouge is often overlooked within the Lillet family, passed over in favor of its brighter, pastel-hued siblings. But Rouge, with its fruit-forward flavor and full-bodied texture, can be an asset in both shaken and stirred drinks, or simply enjoyed on its own. 



Brothers Raymond and Paul Lillet, liqueur makers and fine wine and spirit merchants, founded the Maison Lillet in Podensac, a small village south of Bordeaux, in 1872. It was in 1887 that they created Bordeaux’s first and truly unique aperitif: Lillet. 



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