Christoph Hoch

Christoph Hoch Rot NV


Like all of Christoph Hoch’s still wines, this chillable red is a blend of three vintages, supporting Hoch’s vision that the best expression of terroir comes from the blend rather than a dominant vintage. A blend of Zweigelt and Blauer Portugieser, with vibrant notes of cherry, blueberry and woody spices, all backed by smooth, pleasing tannins. It’s a fun, joyous wine perfect for picnics, parties, and more.

Christoph Hoch

Christoph Hoch is the twelth generation, since 1640, to make wine in his hometown of Hollenburg, Austria, on the south side of the Danube. He doesn't simply want to make 'good' wine, his main goal is to make a wine that inspires emotion, ideally for the wine! Christoph has mostly Grüner Veltliner planted, along with Riesling, Zweigelt, Weissburgunder, Blauer Portugesier, and Muskat Ottonel. He studies his terroir and after discovering the level of active limestone in his vineyards, he had the idea to focus on sparkling wine, which represents 75% of his production. 

Today Christoph has 12 hectares total, all in Hollenburg, and all farmed biodynamically and certified by Demeter. Throughout all of his vineyards, you find a mix of mustard, rye, and phacelia. He categorizes his parcels in four ways: dry, chalky, nutrient-rich, or holds water. Depending on the category, he will plant the herbs and grains accordingly. Mustard brings sulfur to the soil, which protects the plants and transfers it naturally to the wines, so that he can use as little as possible at bottling. Rye brings carbon to the soil. The carbon from the rye works with the phacelia and creates nitrogen. Hoch is constantly innovating and makes his own compost to use in his vineyards. He also works with the wine school in Krems, hosting workshops to teach biodynamic farming.


Hollenberg, Austria

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