Oka Brand

'Little Sumo' Junmai Genshu Sake

Little Sumo is a Junmai Genshu sake: a style made from just pure rice and water and left undiluted to make a stout 18% ABV sake.  On the palate, Little Sumo offers a finely balanced blend of sweet and dry flavors, with aromas of melon, plum, Asian pear, and almond. Perfect for picnics, this easygoing sipper packs a lot in a small package! 

Oka Brand

Oka Brandspecializes in unique Japanese ingredients, and age-old production techniques all while bringing a modern flair to its versatile array of products. Having introduced the world to the first Sake-based Bermutto and delicious, portable single-serve sessionable sakes, they continue to push the boundaries of where tradition meets innovation.


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