When it comes to summer beverages it’s easy to fall into a rut with the same old, same old. Rosé, gin and tonic, spritzes and the like are all amazing drinks, (we’re not knocking ‘em!) but sometimes you want something fresh and new to inspire the dog days of summer. Luckily, here at Greene Grape Wine and Spirits we have just the collection of crushable, refreshing summer picks that don’t sacrifice on craftsmanship or complexity. 

selection of unique honey based drinksSO WHAT'S ALL THE BUZZ ABOUT?

Why are we buzzing about honey? Not only is honey a classic companion to all manner of drinks and cocktails but when harvested and cared for correctly these producers and apiarists are doing their part to help their local communities and to increase awareness and conservation efforts around the declining bee populations. We need bees happy, healthy and working hard to keep the ecosystem thriving. Not to mention every drink on this list is serving fun-in-the sun realness.

We are especially excited to talk to Mead in honor of National Mead Day this coming Saturday. You might have Renaissance Faire type images come to mind but there are loads of contemporary meaderies spearheading new and innovative ways of serving and creating this ancient beverage. In its essence, mead is honey wine. Made from honey and water fermented by yeast. Simple right? But mead is one of the most versatile drinks on the market; the fruits, spices, and botanical combinations are endless! It’s the perfect middle ground between a cocktail and wine or cider- also an excellent alternative to beer for all you gluten-free folks as many options don’t use grains! Mead also has a long tradition with good health and vitality. Many ancient cultures used meads medicinally, the Ancient Greeks even called it “the drink of the gods”. Honey, especially in its raw form has many health benefits - so pour yourself a glass ASAP, it’s for your health after all! 

St Ambrose "Black Madonna" Sour Blackberry Mead


St. Ambrose Cellars has been making their draft session meads with the utmost care in Beulah, Michigan. Aiming to bring a contemporary sensibility to an ancient beverage, with a focus on a balanced palate and sustainable farming/apiary practices. This mead is based on star thistle honey and has zippy carbonation. Mazers tend to the divine sour culture used to produce this mystical brew. Featuring blackberry and honey this unique mead is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before!


Meridian Hive was founded nearly 15 years ago in Austin, Texas by Mike Simmons and Eric Lowe, friends who share a passion for biodiversity, brewing, and winemaking. Their logo is a bee, an effort to raise consciousness about declining bee populations and the impact on global agriculture, and the company strives to set the standard for award-winning, artisanal meads. Refreshing, flavorful and complex, this is a lightly carbonated fusion of fresh blackberries with notes of orange blossom and spice. Gluten Free.

Meridian Hive Peach Mead


 Created from the highest quality orange blossom honey and the finest fruits, this peachy-keen mead delivers fresh fruit notes with a subtle yet lasting hint of ginger and the perfect amount of carbonation. Gluten Free.


Barr Hill Gin is a unique, delicious spirit made in the Northeastern Kingdom of Vermont. Just before bottling, the pure grain spirit is mixed with local, raw honey. The result is a waxy, oily mouthfeel with tasting notes of honey (of course), spring flowers, and juniper.

CanBee Bee's Knees


Farm-Fresh Honey. Handcrafted Gin. These are the foundations of this bar-quality, summery cocktail from Black Button Distillery. The CanBee line was founded by local beekeepers to highlight how important bees are to nature and our lives, and a portion of sales from every can is donated to bee conservancies around the world and right here in New York. The Bee’s Knees combines gin with a hint of honey, light citrus, and the perfect touch of fizz.