Happy birthday, Leo! This month brings all the spark and plenty of fire after the calm waters of Cancer season. Get ready for a renewed sense of optimism, and a boost of self confidence, as brazen Leo takes over the skies. The sun is Leo’s ruling planet, so there’s an abundance of cosmic energy bounding down on everyone; no one is immune to Leo’s energizing effects. This is a season all about self care: YOU deserve all the love, attention, and care that you’re probably serving up to everyone and everything else in your life. So go ahead and embrace your inner superstar, this is your official invitation to Hot Human Summer. Party on celestial baddies! It’s time to live the high life. Since this season is dedicated to focusing on you, you’re going to need some superstar wine to match. We’ve got you covered, with a collection of star sign inspired bottles to help you shine. Check them out below, along with our new Leo Season playlist on Spotify, where you’ll find a stellar collection of tunes to keep you vibin’ with the stars all month long. 

Pouroscopes: Leo Season!


You may have felt out of sorts the last two months, but with the sun’s transition into Leo, that’s all about to change. Leo season is a non-stop party for you, as you start to feel comfortable and confident in your skin again. You’ll be feeling more creative, flirty, and free spirited, as you bask in the warm glow of all that fire sign energy. As the world slowly re-opens, so does your sense of adventure. Aries natives will undoubtedly be ready to indulge in parties, partners, and all things pleasurable! As long as you don’t get too crazy, all the good times will fuel your creativity, and serve you well in whatever endeavours you have on the horizon.
You Should Drink: La Ola del Melillero Pedro Ximenez 2017
You Should Listen: “Up” by Cardi B


Taurus, your take on Leo season is a tad different than your fire-sign friends. While the party energy will exhaust you, if it feels right, you might find yourself shaking a groove thang here and there. Just don’t over exert yourself or you’ll end up tired and resentful! You’ll mostly find yourself vibing around the house and wanting to take on restorative projects, both internally and externally focused. While Leo is known to love luxury, you also have a natural inclination to seek out the finer things. This is a great time to go antiquing for signature pieces to spice up your apartment. Leo reminds us to focus on ourselves, so make sure to plan some quality time with and for yourself, whether it’s surrounded by nature or the things that make you feel nice and cozy at home.
You Should Drink: King’s Carey Semillon 2018
You Should Listen: “Soak Up The Sun” Sheryl Crow


As one of the most sociable signs in the zodiac, Leo season is like catnip to you. Get ready to set your social calendar ablaze! FINALLY, the rest of the zodiacs are on your level. Spend this time making new friends and connections that will help you further down the line. Indulgence (or rather, overindulgence) is a major concern during Leo season, and you already have a hard time saying no to people, so you run the risk of burning out. Try to limit how much work you take on, because you’ll find yourself both easily distracted and extra sensitive to any restrictions. Like Aries, your creativity levels are through the roof. Overall, this a fortuitous time of year for you, so be a little bold in your choices. You’ll be rewarded for taking risks.
You Should Drink: Manolis Garlis Limnio Short Skin Red 2020
You Should Listen: “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees


Leo season brings you a healthy balance of opportunity and opposition. Your career and finances are about to get a major boost. Plan to be booked and busy; personal projects, commissions, side gigs, and random opportunities are about to bombard you, and you’re ready for the challenge! You possess incredible natural artistic and creative talent, so this is your opportunity to shine. The downside is that Leo season brings stubbornness and self-indulgence to the forefront which, if you let it, will hinder all that personal and professional success the universe is sending your way. Introspective Cancer season gave your instincts a boost, and fosters the energy to get to the crux of who you are and what you want. Leo season now demands you take that ephemeral feeling and ground it in what’s real.
You Should Drink: Electric Chardonnay Acid Test 2020
You Should Listen: “Pe$o” by A$AP Rocky


Okay, are there even words to describe how in the zone you are right now? You’re awakening from sleepy, full-of-feels, Cancer season and taking everyone with you on the ride of their lives! It sounds dramatic (well, not to you), but there is literally nothing you can’t do right now. Mars is close by, ruling actions and desires, which means that you’re on a mission to show everyone the best version of yourself right now and spread the good vibes. Use that bold energy to make strides in creative pursuits or pursuing a special someone. You may be a bit self absorbed this month. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on that larger than life ego. You have to come down eventually; it can’t be Leo season all year round.
You Should Drink: Manca del Rosso Magliocco 2019
You Should Listen: “Tik Tok” by Ke$ha


Dearest Virgo, you have a predicament this Leo season. As everyone revs up around you, your intuition has you slowing down a bit, preparing for the natural renewal of your own season. You’re a perfectionist and you like to control your environment (and everyone around you) with an iron will. No shade, we know it’s your big ‘ol heart and secret sentimental side that makes you the ultimate Mom Friend (Dad friend or assigned Guardian Friend). However, wily Leo has everyone turnt and you can’t control situations as skillfully as you usually do. You have a hard time taking care of yourself, as you prefer to be the “fixer” in the group, but Leo season is all about focusing on yourself and your needs, which makes you uneasy at best. Find different outlets to take care of yourself like: meditation, dream journaling, or yoga.
You Should Drink: Von Kisel Blaufrankisch Rose 2020
You Should Listen: “Y Control” by The Yeah,Yeah,Yeahs


As the resident master of relationships in the zodiac, you’re feeling yourself extra hard during Leo season. Everyone gets a little charisma boost around this time, but yours are off the charts! You love bringing harmony and balance to all that you do. With your natural wit and charm turned up to 100, you are right at home meeting new people and going to new places. Let your individuality sparkle, so your new friends can meet the most authentic you. There’s going to be a lot of excitement for you this season so lean into it and explore.
You Should Drink: The End of Nowhere “Space Oddity” 2020
You Should Listen: “Woes” by Princess Nokia


Scorpio, you’re pulling a unique thread from Leo season. Normally, you like to hide in the shadows, and are extremely adept at presenting the world with a curated view of who you are. The phrase “you only see what I want you to see” was no doubt coined by a Scorpio. However, this transition has you feeling like you actually want to be seen. Leo loves showing off and shares your penchant for cultivating deep, meaningful emotions, and it’s this combo of elements that has you out of your cave. You’re a little bit of a mad genius Scorpio, and with the sun heating up your 10th House of careers and success, this is a great time to get any plans you’ve been scheming into go-mode. You will find it easier than ever to express yourself and goals to the world.
You Should Drink: Vanempo “Maluna” Trebbiano Bianco 2020
You Should Listen: “Feeling Myself” by Nicki Minaj, Beyonce


As a fellow fire-sign, you are loving the fun in the sun. Towards the end of Cancer season you probably had some big emotional moments that sent you into a pretty rough processing zone. Now, after all that hard work, you’re feeling young, wild, and free (your favorite way to feel). This season is all about new horizons for you. You should definitely (safely!) travel somewhere you’ve never been, or study the things that *actually* interest you. This is all about expanding yourself as a person and understanding your place in the world. You’ll find it easier to naturally link up with like-minded individuals, who will help you banish your limitations. Any limitations you have are self imposed; you just need some new faces to remind you how talented you truly are. And you don't have to be a Sagittarius to enjoy Sagittarius sheep and cow milk gouda-style cheese from Shooting Star Creamery. Find it at Provisions!
You Should Drink: Kumeu River Pinot Noir 2018
You Should Listen: “I Think” by Tyler The Creator


Dearest Capricorn, Cancer season put your interpersonal relationships through some serious challenges and deep emotional journeys. You might have purged your life of people, places, and things that were not serving you, which can be devastating! After all that work, you deserve something nice and restorative. Leo season is going to turn all that powerful energy right back onto you, so prepare to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and S-L-A-Y. This is an all or nothing time for you, so if there are any loose ends or things that just aren't coming together, throw out the whole kit-n-kaboodle. This transition is the beginning of the best version of you. Keep your head up Capricorn, the world is about to bow down before you.
You Should Drink: Schlossmuhlenhoff Das Ist Schon 2020
You Should Listen: “Mr. November” by The National


Leo is your sister sign so there’s all kinds of fun, cosmic quirks in store for you. Because you and Leo are always dancing on opposite sides of the sky, your sign is one of the only signs that will feel pulled to focus on others. However, as sister signs, there is an undeniable spark of understanding between you and Leo that will help you navigate the season! This is the perfect time to strengthen bonds with friends and lovers. You’re perfectly in tune to connect with others and do what Aquarians do best - bring unique, seemingly disparate things together in beautiful harmony. Be aware that the sun is at its farthest from your sign for Leo season, so forging connections, asking for help, and teamwork are the only way you’re gonna make it through!
You Should Drink: Caractere Unique St-Chinian 2019
You Should Listen: “Everybody Wants To Love You” by Japanese Breakfast


Cancer season was definitely a necessary pause for you to charge up your emotional well, but Leo is coming in hot with some structure and attitude. Repetition and the mundane have never really held your attention, but a little structure goes a long way, sweet Pisces! It’s not all work and no play for you though. The general vibe of good times and sunshine are yours for the taking - as long as you actually motivate yourself to stay on top of your responsibilities. This would be a great time to learn a new skill you’ve been putting off. You’ll effortlessly find the joy and beauty in anything that piques your interest right now. Start small and the rest will fall into place. You can be really hard on yourself, so don’t fall into a self pity trap if you take a misstep.
You Should Drink: Emilio Nessun Dorma Lambrusco NV
You Should Listen: “Feel The Way I Want” by Carolyn Rose