What's Your Pouroscope? Taurus Edition!

Welcome to Taurus season, where things have slowed down as Mercury is in retrograde and power struggles arise with the Sun and Pluto squaring off with each other. The most famous retrograde, Mercury will backspin in Taurus from April 21st - May 14th. The ruler of communication, technology, and travel, people tend to notice the chaotic energy that Mercury in retrograde exudes.

Meanwhile, the Taurus Sun and transformative Pluto are at 90 degrees from each other, which will illuminate fears and desires that have been buried away. As you work through these emotions try not to be pulled into fights about power dynamics with the people around you. As Taurus season tests your strength and patience, we’ve got you covered with a collection of star sign inspired wines. Check them out below, along with our new Taurus Season Spotify Playlist, where you’ll find a stellar collection of tunes to keep you bumpin’ all month long.


The Sun has shifted out of your sign and into Taurus, as well as your second house of stability and practicality. Spend this season taking your time with the present as your focal point. Like they say, slow and steady wins the race. Instead of trying to work on all the ideas you came up with last season, pick the top three and evaluate their possibilities and your motives. Whichever seems to be the best is the one you should work on.

You Should Listen: "Secrets" by Mary Lambert

You Should Drink: Chateau Virgile Cuvee l'Eneide 2020


Happy Birthday Taurus! The Sun is shining on your sign and bringing new beginnings with it. Find time amongst all the celebrations to prioritize yourself and your desires, while reflecting on the past year. Any challenges you face will be easier to handle, which is lucky because Mercury is in retrograde for most of your season. As the planet of communication, Mercury backtracking in your sign may make you feel misunderstood. Have patience and find ways to effectively communicate your thoughts and feelings.

You Should Listen: "Taurus" by Aby Coulibaly

You Should Drink: GWC Prost Pinot Noir 2019


With the Sun in your twelfth house of rest and healing, you’re ready for some solo time. Try going to the park with a book and a bottle of rose, treat yourself to a massage, or light some incense at home and listen to a podcast. Only take on what you can handle and delegate the rest, so you can spend more time exploring your feelings and healing from any recent hurts or let downs.

You Should Listen: "Ice in My Rosé" by Aisha Dee

You Should Drink: Domaine de la Verriere Ventoux Rose 2022


You’re looking to spend less time in the office and more time out with friends this Taurus season. With so many options like outdoor dining, baseball games, or visiting the botanical garden, you’re ready to spend this season mingling with your besties. Make plans in person or triple check your texts because with Mercury in retrograde things may get lost in translation.

You Should Listen: "All My Friends" by AJ Mitchell

You Should Drink: Marchesi Incisa Futurosa Rose 2020


The Sun is beaming on your tenth house of structure, leaving you zeroed in on plans to actualize your goals. While you craft these plans, make sure they’re solid before you commit to anything serious. With the Sun and Pluto squaring off, you’ll find yourself craving clarity from others. You’re reading into the subtext of what those around you aren’t saying, and trying to get to the heart of any problems that may arise if left unchecked. 

You Should Listen: "Numb" by Marshmello, Khalid

You Should Drink: Bulli Julius Bolle Macerato Colli Piacentini Frizzante NV


You’ve got the travel bug this Taurus season and are looking for any and every opportunity to leave the city. The best time to indulge your wanderlust would be after May 14th, once Mercury stops back spinning in Taurus, whether it be a day trip upstate, a weekend getaway in Philly, or a vacation to somewhere new. In the meantime, make sure you’re not micromanaging as you tend to do. Instead, delegate to the capable people around you who can dedicate more time to the smaller tasks. 

You Should Listen: "Call Me Out" by Sarah Close, Alex Hobson

You Should Drink: Portofino Dry Gin


With the glorious Sun in your eighth house of intimacy and privacy, you’re looking to go off grid for a little bit. You’re yearning for some time to dedicate towards processing your emotions and maybe doing some soul-searching at the same time. Are you where you want to be in life? Is there a different path you’d like to explore? Consider renting a bed & breakfast near the water or staying at home with your devices on 'do not disturb,' so you have space to contemplate things.

You Should Listen: "forget me too" by Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey

You Should Drink: Skinner Vineyards El Dorado Grenache Blanc 2021


With Taurus being your opposite sign, the Sun is at its furthest point from you. While you’re missing the Sun’s rays, focus in on the relationships in your life. Make sure you’re still in sync with the people around you and that your relationships are an equal balance of give-and-take. There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve been taking other’s energy without reciprocating. Ensure you create boundaries for yourself and for others so things stay balanced. 

You Should Listen: "Heartbeat Song" by Kelly Clarkson

You Should Drink: Cantine Maudado Passione Siciliana Cerasulo di Vittoria 2017


This Taurus season the Sun is gleaming in your sixth house of health and organization, putting you in a spring cleaning mood. From changing your sheets to clearing out your snack cupboard, there’s nothing too small for you to revamp this season. As you get your life in order, you may find yourself in the market for an assistant to help smooth things over and keep things on track.

You Should Listen: "The DJ Is Crying For Help" by AJR

You Should Drink: Day Wines Lemonade Rose 2022


Spring fever has taken hold of you, leaving you feeling frisky, fiery, and full of energy. Use this season as a way to reconnect with your significant other by getting dressed up and hitting the town, or going on an adventure hiking upstate. Keep track of your spending habits this month! It’s better to have a rainy day fund, instead of spending your money as you earn it. 

You Should Listen: "Gangsta" by Kehlani

You Should Drink: Lustig Orange Gruner Veltliner 2022


You’re welcoming the Sun into your fourth house of domesticity, where you’re looking to take a step back from your social circles and just enjoy some time at home. Whether you spend a significant amount of time in sweats, binge watching your favorite shows, or sprucing up your apartment, try to ease into the Taurus season. If needed, lean on others for support! Your loved ones always have your back.

You Should Listen: "Rumor Has It" by Adele

You Should Drink: Day Wines Vin de Days Blanc 2022


Your social life is at an all time high right now! From hanging out with friends to sharing ideas with coworkers, you’re on a roll this Taurus season. Make sure to keep your guard up though. Some of the people you mingle with may have ulterior motives. Be sure to take breaks throughout the day, especially if you can find ways to go outside. You’ll benefit from feeling the spring air whip around you. 

You Should Listen: "Smile" by Lily Allen

You Should Drink: Siempre Anejo Tequila