What's Your Pouroscope? Sagittarius Edition!

Sagittarius season is giving everyone an extra boost in energy just in time for the holiday season! You'll be living in a zone of confidence, ready to tackle anything and everything. Which will come in handy as everyone looks to the future and prepares for the upcoming year. No matter what this season has in store for you, whether it be a new job, rekindling old flames, or just vibin' with the people you love, you're destined to have a blast! To celebrate, we’ve got you covered with a collection of star sign inspired wines. Check them out below, along with our new Sagittarius Season playlist on Spotify, where you’ll find a stellar collection of tunes to keep you groovin’ all month long.


Dream big Aries! With the Sun in your 9th house of travel, adventure, and growth, you’re looking to explore opportunities that may be out of your comfort zone. While on your travels you’ll gain a new perspective for the world and your place within it. With Jupiter ending its backspin through the signs, you’ll find yourself closing and healing from certain chapters of your life, opening you up to new experiences. 

You Should Listen: "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, ft. Ray Dalton

You Should Drink: Occhipinti SP68 Sicilia Rosso 2021


The next four weeks are shaping up to be an emotional rollercoaster dear Taurus. You’ll find yourself questioning whether you’re investing your time in the right people and things. Instead of expending your energy on those who don’t matter, spend time focusing on what makes you happy and the people who make you feel safe.

You Should Listen: "Silence" by Marshmello, Khalid

You Should Drink: New York Distilling Ragtime Rye Greene Grape Single Barrel


Have you been reminiscing about a relationship from the past? This Sagittarius season may have you revisiting past companions, lovers, or business partners. With the Sun in your 7th house of commitment, you’ll have an excess of energy to concentrate on your relationships, and discover new ways for them to flourish and strengthen. Just keep in mind that not everyone deserves another chance, while rekindling relationships. 

You Should Listen: "Not Over You" by Gavin DeGraw

You Should Drink: Sambucese Caselletti Primitivo 2020


The Sun is shining on your 6th house of wellness and work, meaning that you’re all about living healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. Decadent vegetarian dishes, amazing people you can converse with, and fantastic breathing exercises can help you along your journey. With one of the most indulgent holidays coming up, this may be a struggle. Instead of denying yourself, do things in moderation. 

You Should Listen: "Alaska" by Maggie Rogers

You Should Drink: Pithon-Paille Brut de Chenin NV


You’re looking for some flirty and frisky fun darling Leo. With your natural charm and alluring personality getting an extra boost from lively Mercury and enticing Venus in Sagittarius, you have your pick of admirers. You may not necessarily be looking to settle down right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t date around and enjoy yourself.

You Should Listen: "Wannabe" by Spice Girls

You Should Drink: Cantine Torrevento Vigna Pedale Castel del Monte Rosso Riserva 2016


Sagittarius season is giving your logic-driven brain a rest and letting your emotions come out to play. You’re craving cozy nights cuddled up with your boo, and fun holiday activities like a weekend stroll in Bryant Park. With the line-up of holidays on the horizon, you’re looking forward to spending time with loved ones, catching up with family you haven’t seen in a while, and just enjoying the moment. 

You Should Listen: "Little Things" by One Direction

You Should Drink: Bedrock Wine Co. Old Vine Zinfandel 2020


Born to be a social butterfly, you’re in your element this Sagittarius season with the Sun's spotlight on your 3rd house of communication. You’ll be networking with the best, sharing projects and plans, while connecting with people who have similar interests and can help further your ideas. Your powers of persuasion will be at an all time high, which may help you gain investors for your endeavors.

You Should Listen: "Attention" by Charlie Puth

You Should Drink: Elio Grasso Educato Chardonnay 2021


You’ll be mixing business with pleasure this Sagittarius season as you look to advance professionally. With the abundance of industry parties happening this time of year you’ll have a plethora of opportunities to connect with others. Soon you’ll be fielding offers left and right! Know your value and think big. You deserve everything good coming your way, just don’t let all the attention go to your head. 

You Should Listen: "successful" by Ariana Grande

You Should Drink: Inverroche Verdant Gin


Happy Birthday beloved Sagittarius! You’re feeling confident and ready for anything as the Sun lights up your house and breathes new life into everything you do. Your plans are coming into fruition with the help of your fantastic support system, encouraging you to reach your personal goals as well. Use this time to set intentions for the coming year. Find moments to meditate and reflect on the past as you grow both in age and in character. 

You Should Listen: "Don't Stop The Music" by Rihanna

You Should Drink: Frapin 1270 Grande-Champagne Cognac


This season is all about slowing down, being introspective, and tying up loose ends. Instead of entering Capricorn season next month with the same negative energy, spend this time considering who or what you need to leave behind during Sagittarius season. With every ending is a new beginning and you’re ready to forgive, make amends, and move forward. 

You Should Listen: "Good News" by Mac Miller

You Should Drink: Castello di Verduno Basadone Pelaverga 2021


Normally pretty independent, you’re looking for some support this Sagittarius season, Aquarius. After being in self-isolation for a hot minute, you’re feeling ready to hang out and celebrate with friends. You may also be looking for a different job, especially if where you are now is pretty limiting. Use the various holiday parties that you’re bound to attend as networking opportunities so you can branch out. 

You Should Listen: "Changing of the Seasons" by Two Door Cinema Club

You Should Drink: Kaesler Clare Valley Riesling 2020


Ambition and success is the theme of this season for you Pisces. You’re out here making career moves, putting ideas into action, while refusing to let any adversity hold you back. Create a timeline and budget plan to help you on the path to success. Make sure to stay up-to-date with people in your network! Part of what’s going to help you succeed is the people you know and the references they can provide for you. 

You Should Listen: "Vigilante Shit" by Taylor Swift

You Should Drink: Mas Martinet Menut Priorat 2020