Cognac Frapin

1270 Grande-Champagne Cognac

Exclusively harvested, distilled, and aged at Frapin estate’s, 1270 honors Frapin’s terroir and know-how. It is the perfect introduction this single-family estate, which has over 750 years of experience, and lends itself well to use in cocktails while also maintaining enough richness and complexity to serve as a sipper. Aged for an average of four years, the brandy opens with vine blossoms and vanilla on the nose, leading into a rich palate of toasted oak, apples and pears. Distilled from 100% Ugni Blanc, Cognac 1270 finishes with lingering dried fruit and caramel.

Cognac Frapin

Frapin is true single-estate Cognac. The historic brand and iconic estate is family-owned, and always has been. Every step of the process is done by Frapin themselves, from tending the vines to winemaking to distillation to aging, and no grapes nor eau de vie are bought/sold. The iconic estate is home to nearly 600 acres of Ugni Blanc vines and distillation takes place on the lees in one of six copper pot stills. Now in their 21st generation of grower-producers, the Frapin family has been active in viniculture for over 750 years.


Cognac, France

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