How Much Wine Do You Really Need?

From BBQs to parties for grads and dads, everyone knows that the most important part of any event are the refreshments. How much hooch is enough for your hootenanny? Check out our guide below.

How Much Wine Do You Need? (Close-up shot of people toasting with wine glasses.)

How many glasses are in a bottle of wine?

A generous pour is probably the go to when binge-watching episodes of your favorite show. But when it comes to a dinner party, maximizing the amount of wine per person is the best move. Traditionally, a 750ml bottle of wine should have about five 5 ounce glass pours, which if you use this logic it’ll feel like you’re a bit short. In reality it’s best to plan for four servings per bottle, this way you have a little more wiggle room. For bubbly, there are six full glasses per bottle, and seven glasses for toasting.

How many bottles of wine do you need?

This will call for a little math. Plan for everyone who does drink to have at least two glasses within the first hour, and then one glass every hour after. Sometimes buying a bottle of wine per person plus a bottle or two extra is a good rule of thumb. Of course this isn’t foolproof, especially if some people drink more but should be a good guideline to help plan.

What does that look like?

So, if you’re having a five hour event and invited 20 people you’d probably want 30 bottles of wine, which comes out to about a bottle and a half of wine per person. And then comes down to how many bottles of red or white wine you’d like. Most people love them equally, but try to find the right vibe - what kind of wine pairs well with the food being served? How do you want the flow of the night to go - which wine should you open first, what will be a good night ender? All these things dictate which type of wine you’d want, but ideally you should have an even number of both.

Need more help? Reach out to our house sommelier to plan your next gathering, wedding, or corporate event.