Grape Of The Week: Magliocco

Indigenous to Calabria, Italy, Magliocco Canino, most commonly known as Magliocco, is a medium sized, oval shaped grape that produces both dry and sweet red wines. Planted across roughly 600 hectares, Magliocco is most commonly found in Calabria, with a few smatterings in Marche and Sicily. It is often confused with Gaglioppo, Calabria’s main grape, as they look similar and both produce wines with soft red fruit notes. Magliocco is best enjoyed alongside braised short ribs, lamb, or Mediterranean fare.

Le Quattro Volte Manca del Rosso 2022 From The Greene Grape

Le Quattro Volte Manca del Rosso 2022

This is a light red 100% Magliocco wine, that is easy to drink, mineral and slightly funky. The fruit sourced for this wine comes from a single vineyard of 1 hectare only. Aged for 6 months on the fine lees, and bottled unfined, unfiltered, and unsulfured, the wine is almost a translucent red, with aromatic herbal intensity. Hints of red and pink flowers give way to wild cherries on the palate, balanced with light tropical fruit notes and roundness on the palate. This one is great with a light chill.

Vineyard Photo Courtesy of Le Quattro Volte