Le Quattro Volte

Manca del Rosso 2022

  • Organic

This is a light red 100% Magliocco wine, easy to drink, mineral and slightly funky. The fruit sourced for this wine comes from a single vineyard of 1 hectare only. Aged for 6 months on the fine lees, and bottled unfined, unfiltered, and unsulphured, the wine is almost translucent red, with aromatic herbal intensity. Hints of red and pink flowers give way to wild cherries on the palate, balanced with light tropical fruit notes and roundness on the palate. This one is great with a light chill.

Le Quattro Volte

For a long time, the Southern Calabria region ranked at the bottom of the winemaking in Italy, but in the last decade it has established itself in the national wine scene for an unprecedented qualitative rebirth. Located in the village of San Marco Argentano (roughly 30 km from the Tyrrhenian seaside), the Masseria Perugini farm that hosts Le Quattro Volte's winery has been one of the most active in the province of Cosenza since the early twentieth century, with a wide and artisanal production of olive oil, figs, citrus fruits, wheat and flour and for the breeding of sheep. 

In the vineyards, Le Quattro Volte skips any synthetic chemicals or pesticides and the harvest is done manually. Sheep are free to roam among the vines till April, providing a natural compost and fertilizer. In the cellar, the vinification starts from spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts, avoiding filtration and clarification and other useless invasive practices (adding color, enzymes, protein, liquid tannins, etc).


Calabria, Italy

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