Grape Of The Week: Blaufränkisch

One of Austria’s most famous and beloved grapes, Blaufränkisch has been around since the Middle Ages. Thrives in colder climates, Blaufränkisch is also produced in upstate New York, Washington state, and Australia. Also known as Lemberger, its profile bursts with notes of blackberry bramble, black cherry, black pepper, dark chocolate, and hints of allspice. Following the “if it grows together, it goes together” rule, Blaufränkisch pairs spectacularly with smoked sausage, chicken schnitzel, and potato goulash.


Markus Altenburger Vom Kalk Blaufränkisch 2019

Located at Austria’s far eastern edge, Markus Altenburger produces wines that express the distinctive climate, limestone and slate soils. His wines bear a far more personal stamp with the handful of native and traditional Austrian varieties he chooses to work with. This results in wines like this fresh, snappy Blaufränkisch with ripe black cherry aromas and notes of black and Morello cherry, ginger spice, and punchy minerality on the palate.


Grape Photo Courtesy of Austrian Wine Marketing Board