Yola Pechuga

In Oaxaca, Mexico, where mezcal is a daily staple, there is one type reserved for exceptional moments. For centuries, Pechuga or Mezcal de Pechuga, has been revered for its delicate, rich taste and exceptional quality. Yola Mezcal decided to honor this tradition with their own entry into this super premium category, producing a Pechuga specially crafted for celebrations, milestones and memories. Made with seasonal citrus fruits, like orange, tangerine, lime, guayaba, pineapple, and tejocote, and distilled through a turkey breast, this spirit is aromatic and elegant, bright, full-bodied, smooth and complex.


Yola Mezcal is helmed by three women: Yola Jimenez, Lykke Li and Gina Correll Aglietti. The project hires almost entirely women as distillers, bottlers, and sales representatives, stating that creating autonomy and economic security for women is a major tenet of their business model. Authenticity is the key to Yola’s success, utilizing organic agave and exclusively sustainable farming and growing techniques. There is also a vested interest in maintaining the traditional methods used in the nearly 400 year old tradition of artisanal mezcal making.


Oaxaca, Mexico

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