Famile Bauer

"Urig" Roter Veltliner 2021

Roter Veltliner is known for its delicate notes of rose and mint, flavors that shine in this natural wine from Austria’s Familie Bauer. Pear and yellow plum blossom on the palate, backed by freshness, minerality, and a long, harmonious finish. This is wine is a great opener for any meal and as a stand-alone sipper on a cool evening.

Famile Bauer

Located in the Grossriedenthal part of Austria’s Wagram region, Josef Bauer, alongside his wife Eva Maria, comprise the extraordinary winemakers of Weingut Familie Bauer. The Bauers believe in creating wines of the best quality by being conscientious of the environment by employing green covering of existing flora that cultivates the natural diversity of landscape and hence reflects the terroir found in their wines.



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