The Bitter Truth

Traveler's Cocktail Bitters Gift Set


The Bitter Truth Cocktail Bitters Traveler’s Set is the ideal companion for all globetrotters who won’t settle for anything less than perfect drinks during their travels!

Including 5 different classic bitters in 20ml format in a lovely designed tin box, it is suitable for carry-on luggage and is also the perfect addition to anybody’s home bar.

What's inside

Aromatic Bitters
Celery Bitters
Creole Bitters
Orange Bitters
Jerry Thomas Bitters
Recipe Booklet

The Bitter Truth

The Bitter Truth is a spirits and bitters company located in Germany that specializes in classic cocktail additives and adjuncts. Just a couple dashes livens up Manhattans, Martinis and just about any stirred, shaken or swizzled concoction you can create.



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