Terroir Sonoro

Tinto Nitanto 2019

  • Organic

Tinto (Nitanto) literally means “red (not so much)" in Spanish. It started as a joke. Winemaker and musician Juan Ledesma invited his father-in-law to help with the blending. Juan and the rest of the team would spit the wine into a bucket as they tasted each batch for blending. His father-in-law did not (would not and could not) spit. He said “make me a wine with less alcohol.” A 50:50 blend of Cinsault and Pais, from ungrafted bush-head, dry-farmed, organic vines, this is a medium-bodied red that goes down almost too easy. 

Terroir Sonoro

Juan José Ledesma lives, breaths and plays Chilean wine. Juan has been working in the Itata Valley in southern Chile for the last 24 years, consulting for commercial wineries throughout Chile while working with small scale grape growers in the south. Juan was born to a family of musicians and, if you were to ask him, he would probably say he is a musician first and a winemaker second. Juan has combined both passions by utilizing music to assist with the fermentations and elevage of some of his Terroir Sonoro wines, going so far as to plunge speakers (actually a magnetic transducer in silicon) into the barrels during elevage. It’s his belief that the vibrations assist in harmonizing the wines. Think of it as battonage with vibrations. The wines with guitar strings on the labels have been treated to music while those without are simply pure reflections of the unique terroir of the Valle del Itata.




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