Tawny Port NV


Aged for approximately 3 years in oak, Niepoort's tawny port is lovely and mouthwatering, offering fresh, sweet fruit flavors and silky, soft tannins. This fortified wine from the Douro, the heart of Portugal's port producing region, serves as the perfect drink at the end of a meal. Pair with numerous desserts or a selection of salty cheeses.


The Niepoort family has been creating Port Wines since 1842. The first property in Douro was bought in 1987 and Dirk Niepoort started a new Era in the company with the creation of the first Redoma red in 1991. In the last years Niepoort took on the great challenge of interpreting other soils and climates and acquired two properties in other regions, Dão and Bairrada. Discover the Niepoort Triangle which express the different terroirs: Schist (Douro), Limestone (Bairrada) and Granite (Dão).


Douro, Portugal

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