Scrimaglio Chardonnay Brut NV


This critically acclaimed bubbly is a great example of the refined elegance and winemaking tradition of Piemonte. Made from 100% Chardonnay grown on hills of Nizza Monferrato,  this bubbly is perfect for everyday celebrations. Crisp and focused, with notes of ripe yellow apple, lemon zest, and apricot cream flecked with spice, this is a great partner for picnic fare, spring pea risotto, and grilled white meats. Simply lovely wine at a price that can't be beat. What's not to like?

Staff Pick: "100% Chardonnay grown on the hills of Nizza Monferrato. Crisp with notes of ripe yellow apple, lemon zest, apricot cream, and spice. Perfect for any celebration or a picnic date." -- Nora


The Scrimaglio winery was founded in 1920 by Pietro Scrimaglio, on the hills of Nizza Monferrato, in Piemonte. After WWII, Pietro’s grandchildren and descendents completed the modernization of the cellar, consolidating the link with their territory, expanding the range of wines produced and starting to export the labels to international markets. In the 1980s Scrimaglio was one of the wineries to believe in the renaissance of Barbera, choosing to make wine that was an honest reflection of local traditions and terroir. The family's centuries-old commitment to the production of fine wines and the promotion of native vines has been recognized not only by the reputation that the company has around the world, but by industry critics and everyday consumers.


Piemonte, Italy

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