Heaven Hill Distillery

Rittenhouse Rye 750ml

750 ml
Rye whiskey was America's first and most popular whiskey before Prohibition nearly wiped out production and public demand.  Distilled from at least 51% rye mash, rye tends to be lighter, dryer, and more peppery than other types of whiskey such as bourbon or scotch.  Rittenhouse Straight Rye Whiskey is "bottled in bond" or "bonded" which, among other things, means that it must be aged in oak casks for at least four years and be minimum 100 proof.  The extra aging gives this rye complexity and depth.

Heaven Hill Distillery

Originally built in Bardstown, KY and owned by William Heavenhill, Heaven Hill Distillery has the second largest inventory of aging whiskey in the world. During the Great Depression, cash was scarce and economic confidence was low. But post-Prohibition America was still thirsty for great whiskey, and Bardstown had loads of distilling talent. Combining the two made an obvious business opportunity. But as fortune favors the bold, so does the art and business of making whiskey.



Kentucky, United States

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