Raspato Rosato 2022

  • Biodynamic

This pet-nat rose oozes charm. A blend of biodynamically farmed 80% Sangiovese and 20% Aleatico, from the charismatic Francesco Annesanti, it opens with fun and fruity notes of cherry, fresh cranberries, and freshly baked biscuit. On the palate, the wine is crisp, clean, and balanced, offering an explosion of flavor, with savory herbs backing the snappy fruit. The colorful bottles feature Mekano closures made from reclaimed plastic and one of three adorable drawings featuring neighbors hanging around, sharing the raspato, or local gossip. 


Located in a rural corner of the Terni province of Umbria, Francesco Annesanti’s winery lies on largely flat land, teeming with life. It’s a special place, romantic and almost ethereal, qualities you can taste in every sip of these wines. Arguably one of the most meticulous growers out there, Francesco does just about everything himself, from the farming to the labeling. He uses only organic and biodynamic practices in the vineyard and cellar. Indeed, he built his own desk and only bottles wine beneath clear skies and a waning moon. The commitment shows -- these wines are focused, yet joyful, with impeccable balance and character for days. These wines are the epitome of wine made as living art as opposed to a homogenized product, and capture the exciting possibilities of this singular terroir. 


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