Henry of Pelham

Ontario Baco Noir 2021

The Niagara Peninsula is most prominent wine region in Canada, representing nearly two-thirds of the country's wine grapes, thanks to its proximity to the moderating waters of Lake Ontario and the protective rock face of the Niagara Escarpment. This red, made from 100% Baco Noir, is spicy, rich, and smooth. Opening with ripe hints of currant and blackberry, the wine also offers subtle sweetness, spice, hints of citrus peel and rose backed by freshness, and a slightly smoky finish. Try it with barbecue, glazed ham, white pizza, and strong cheeses.

Henry of Pelham

Henry of Pelham is named after the founder and great-grand-patriarch of the Smith family, who grew Concord and Niagara grapes — some of the first to be planted in Canada. Generations later, in 1984, the Niagara wine scene hardly existed. There were a lot of naysayers back then — Niagara summers are warm and autumn is cool, followed by a quick shift into the winter cold. But the pioneering spirit of the family drove them to start premium wines using Old World vinifera grapes and a forward-thinking eye toward environmental stewardship.

In 2006, Henry of Pelham was the first vineyard to be certified as local and sustainable by Local Food Plus. They’ve followed Sustainable Winemaking Ontario's world-leading standards in farming practices since 2004. And, in 2017, they became one of only six Ontario wineries to be certified by the Wine Council of Ontario as following sustainable winemaking practices from vine to table.



Niagara Peninsula, Canada

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