Method Spirits

Method Spirits Dry Vermouth

750 ml
  • Local
Inspired by the vermouths of the Chambéry region of France, Method Dry Vermouth is perfect for true Martini drinkers who appreciate well-crafted vermouth with complexity and character that complements London Dry and New World gins alike. This vermouth is a delicate balance of fruit, florals, and savory herbs with a pleasant bitterness that makes it versatile for use in cocktail spritzes, or simply enjoyed on its own. Method Dry Vermouth is classic dry vermouth, just made closer to home.

Method Spirits

Method Vermouth was developed by Cory Fitzsimmons and Jess McGlinchey. Cory is an accomplished barman with over a decade behind NYC bars and former Head Bartender at Union Square Cafe. Jess, a former Biological Oceanographer, joined the bar team at USC where she brought scientific rigor to their experimentation and refinement. Unable to find local vermouth appropriate for classic cocktails, the two set out to make their own and Method Spirits was created. We source wines and brandy from upstate grower-producers who promote sustainable agriculture while a portion of sales goes to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation and their Covid-19 Relief.


Finger Lakes, New York

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