Merchant's Reserve Rum 8 Year


This rum is intended as the perfect Mai Tai rum, although it is good for so much more. A blend of high-ester rum from Jamaica with a rarer, molasses-based grand arome from Martinique, this bottle aims to replicate Trader Vic's rum blend for the Mai Tai circa 1951, when his original choice of Wray & Nephew 17 ran out. This was reverse engineered with the help of Smuggler's Cove's Martin Cate (San Francisco) and historian David Wondrich (Brooklyn), amongst others.


Denizen seeks to challenge their master blenders to free the flavor that has been distilled out of rum by mass producers keen on diluting the world's greatest spirit. These master blenders in Amsterdam follow traditions dating back to the 1700s, introducing depth and complexity into the rum that takes an expert palate to create.


Trinidad & Jamaica

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