Maraschino Originale Liqueur 375ml


When Luxardo marasca cherries are harvested at the beginning of every summer, they are put in alcoholic infusion in larch-wood vats together with some leaves and branches of the same trees for up to three years. When ready, both the liquid and the solid parts are distilled in traditional copper pot stills, separating the heart from heads and tails. Only the heart of the distillate is then allowed to mature in ash-wood vats. The last process consists in transforming the distillate in liqueur by adding a simple syrup of water and sugar lowering the ABV to 32%. Crystal clear in colour, the aroma is typical of marasca cherry distillate with strong alcohol spirit and roasted nuttiness, while the taste results smooth but sharp at the same time with hints of dark chocolate, vanilla and orange marmalade. Luxardo Maraschino Originale can be enjoyed in many classic cocktails or neat as an after dinner drink. It is also ideal over fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, oranges etc. or as a flavor in confectionary and ice creams.


When Sardinian consulate Girolamo Luxardo was sent to Dalmatia with his family in 1817, he was—like many of us today—simply moving for work. What he did not expect was to found an entire distillery a mere four years later for the "Rosolio Maraschino" recipe his wife, Maria Canevari, had been perfecting. Today, despite many past hardships, the company is still owned by the Luxardo family, seven generations in.



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