Materne & Schmitt

Lehmener Ausoniusstein Riesling 2019

  • Organic
  • Woman Maker

Located 15 km up-river from Winningen, Lehmen has blue-grey slate that contains fossils from 400 million years ago when the area was covered by ocean. These fossils, along with underground calcareous springs, bring the pH of the soil to a more basic level and provide a significant difference in nutrients provided to the vines, which in turn creates a drastic difference in aromatic characteristics. With four to eight hour maceration on skins, the wine develops 11 months on lees in stainless steel tanks before being filtered and bottled. This organic Riesling has tantalizing aromas of smoke and herbs that give way to a slightly fruitier side with lemon and lime notes. This earthier Riesling would be perfect alongside roasted meats or pulled pork. 

Materne & Schmitt

Rebecca Materne and Janina Schmitt are the dynamic duo behind Materne & Schmitt, in Germany's famous—and famously difficulty to farm Mosel region. The two friends met while pursuing their passion for wine by earning degrees in viticulture and oenology at Geisenheim and mastering their craft at wineries in South Africa, Napa Valley, Provence, Austria, the Rhine and the middle Mosel. Founded in the town of Winningen in 2012, Weingut Materne & Schmitt makes Riesling exclusively from steep sloped or terraced slate vineyards, with all work done by hand. They allow no manipulation in their wine. All grapes are hand-selected at extremely low yields (around 20 to 35 hl/ha), macerated on the skins without sulphur, gently pressed, and gravity-run into the cellar. All wines are spontaneously fermented and often go still during winter and begin again in the spring. No additions, reductions or fining of any kind occur. Total sulphur never exceeds 60ppm. All wines are vinified completely dry and bottled 11 months after harvest.


Mosel, Germany

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