'Le Russeghine' Pigato 2022

  • Organic

Le Russeghine is the first-known single-vineyard Pigato (aka Vermentino) from Liguria, first produced by Riccardo Bruna in 1972.  The wine comes from a careful selection of middle-aged and older vines in this historic vineyard, which dates back to at least 1700. Fresh and complex, with aromatic hints of yellow peach, almonds, white flowers, and citrus peel, all backed by a savory and mineral finish. This a beautiful wine for salads, fish, and intimate summer parties. 


Established in 1970 by the late Riccardo Bruna, Azienda Agricola Bruna is the benchmark producer of the local Pigato grape, a late-ripening variety named for the amber spots that appear on the bunches. Located in the Arroscia valley in western Liguria, the historic home for Pigato, Bruna is a tiny 7.5 hectare estate consisting of 5-6 vineyard plots, all planted on terraced vineyards carved out of the mountainside. Production in a top year is only 3000 cases. The vineyards are perched at 200-300 meters above sea level and only 15km from the Mediterranean. This area, known as the Maritime Alps, is known for producing olives, cherries, and aromatic herbs, such as rosemary, thyme and sage. Bruna is run by Riccardo’s daughter Francesca and her husband, Roberto. The estate has worked organically (not certified) since 2009. In addition to its three Pigato wines, Bruna makes a Vermentino, a Rossese, and two red blends based on the local Granaccia variety, a variant of Grenache. 


Liguria, Italy

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