Karim Vionnet

Karim Vionnet Chenas 2019

  • POC Maker

From his 5ha domain, Karim Vionnet’s aim is to "make a wine that is simple and natural." Unnecessary intervention and artifices, both in the vineyard and during fermentation, are avoided, emphasising high quality and terroir driven wines, such as this silky smooth and irresistibly complex Beaujolais.

Karim Vionnet

Karim Vionnet is a rising star of Beaujolais. Karim was a baker before he decided to follow his passion and become a winemaker. He worked under Guy Breton (famous "gang of four" member with Lapierre, Folliard and Thevenet) for 5 years before establishing his own domain in 2006 in Villie-Morgon.



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