Hikari Shuzo Distillery

Hakata 10 Yr Sherry Cask Whisky

  • Kosher
Made with 100% sustainably farmed barley, this award-winning whisky is not your typical Japanese single malt. The mash is fermented with koji, then distilled using traditional Hakata methods and aged in used sherry casks. The resulting whisky opens with notes of wood and spice, plum, black cherry, and savory tamari. Smooth and soft, the palate evolves to include hints of ginger, lemongrass, aged balsamic vinegar, browned butter, finishing with a delectable, spicy, cocoa-powder finish. A complex and unique sipping whisky for after dinner, a gift, or any occasion.

Hikari Shuzo Distillery

Founded in the early 20th century as Mitsuyasu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. on Kyushu, the southernmost island of Japan. In 1912, the company shifted direction, choosing shochu over sake. Today, the distillery is based in Fukuoka, on a quiet street near Hakata Station. Building on centuries of knowledge, Hikari Shuzo's brewmasters use sustainably farmed barley and traditional methods in their shochu and whisky, aiming to be always “honmon,” that is, capture a spirit of authenticity in every bottle. The Hakata brand is named after ``Hakata Kojoro Namimakura'', a puppet theater created by Chikamatsu Monzaemon during the Edo period.


Kyushu, Japan

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