Haitian Rhum 5 Star 8 Year 750ml


Known as "the rum of connoisseurs," Barbancourt is distilled from hand-cut, locally grown sugar cane. 5 Star is a complex dark rum, characterized by oaky spice, pepper and wood on the nose, with hints of a rich caramel and vanilla in the background.


Since 1862, Maison Barbancourt has been producing rums in the image of Haiti, endowed with a diversity of aromas and styles, both subtle and noble. Whether it's rum with a rich and aged body, or white and light rum, the Barbancourt distillery offers rums of incomparable character, imbued with the heart of the island. By producing rums from a double distillation usually reserved for the greatest Cognacs, founder Dupré Barbancourt succeeded in creating a rum of unique quality, with flavors combining authenticity and refinement. 



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