Pietro Caciorgna

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Early on it did not seem as if any of Pietro Caciorgna’s children would take up his passion for running the modest farm. But his son, oenologist Paolo Caciogna, took up the reins several years ago and built this small jewel of a winery, which has garnered international acclaim. One sip of this blend of local varietals Carricante, Catarratto, Inzolia, Minella will explain why. Fresh and delicately floral on the nose, with notes of flint, graphite and smoke, the wine is lively and balanced on the palate. It’s so easy to drink, you might forget the great winemaking at work. Pair with light pastas, grilled fish and shellfish, veggie mains, and more.

Pietro Caciorgna

In 1953, Giovanni and Fulvia Caciorgna fell in love with the town of Casole d’Elsa, located in the heart of Tuscany, and decided to move there with their seven children, one of which is Pietro. They sold their small “Podere” located near the Tower of Pitino, a beautiful place near San Severino Marche, to buy a small strip of land where they continued farming, a profession passed down through generations. Today the Caciorgna family has a total area of 30 acres/20 ha where they grow cereal, corn, sunflower, fodder for a small breeding of Chianina cattle, and obviously grapes for wine, which initially was only for family consumption. Leading the company is Pietro Caciorgna, his wife Elda, who mainly takes care of the farm, the animals, and the vegetable garden, and his son Paolo.

In 2006, Paolo found a small jewel on Mount Etna, in Sicily, which had half a hectare of Nerello Mascalese. Paolo bought it and shortly after, purchased another vineyard located in the Contrada called “Bocca d’Orzo or Piano d’Aria” (Randazzo), which he recently expanded. In addition to the properties Paolo purchased, he rents a small vineyard and buys grapes from his neighbors in Sicily.  

The philosophy of the Caciorgna family is to produce quality while respecting the environment and health of the consumer, so no chemical fertilizers are used. To prevent vine diseases, only traditional products such as copper and sulfur are used.


Sicily, Italy

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