Great Jones Distilling Co.

Great Jones Straight Rye Whiskey

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A love letter to NY’s signature grain, Great Jones Rye is crafted from ingredients grown in the legendary Black Dirt region of Warwick Valley, NY. Aged in American oak barrels, this 4 year old rye opens with tantalizing aromas of spices, dry hay, and orchard fruit. The palate is balanced and robust, with hints of spice, vanilla, black pepper and a chocolate malt finish. Perfect for sipping or incorporating into a host of cocktails. 

Great Jones Distilling Co.

One hundred years after the last whiskey distillery in Manhattan shut its doors, Great Jones Distilling Co. is bringing this iconic spirit back to the Big Apple. Their home at 686 Broadway in the NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan is a monument to the rich culture of Prohibition-era New York, and a celebration of whiskey — past and present. The spirit of New York drives everything they do. It’s why they use 100% New York-sourced ingredients in their craft whiskeys, and it’s what inspires them to deliver experiences worthy of the best of New York City. 


New York, United States

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