Gioacchino Vermouth Rosso

750 ml

This vermouth is something special -- a blend of Trebbiano and Sangiovese that is herbaceous and pleasantly bitter, with notes of bitter orange peel, elderflower, and pine, with a touch of sweetness on the palate. Named after Italian composer Gioacchini Rossini, this vermouth is wonderful on its own, as an after-dinner drink, as a spritz, or in cocktails. 


Located in Pesaro, a mere 10 kilometers from the Adriatic coast of Le Marche, Selvagrossa is a small estate with only five hectares of vineyards. Nonetheless, it’s a winemaker’s winemaking estate. Sangiovese, the area's predominant vine, along with select international varietals which have a history of growing in the area, find a terroir favorable to the production of great wines of character. Brothers Alberto and Alessandro Taddei inherited the Estate in 2002 from their grandparents, and the first Selvagrossa wine was made that same year from an old-vine Sangiovese vineyard planted by their grandfather. 

As a student in Tuscany, Alberto had the opportunity to work at the famed, three star Michelin restaurant Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, an experience that allowed him to taste and appreciate the world's most significant wines. He went on to work as wine uyer and general manager of Falai Restaurant in Manhattan’s lower east side. His brother Alessandro was executive chef in one of Pesaro’s most prestigious restaurants as well as working for one of Pesaro’s better butcher shops. This connection with the wine industry from both the wine buying and culinary sides have given the brothers a wealth of experience and perspective that have created a foundation for them as wine growers and producers. Alberto and Alessandro work organically, maintaining cover crops and using only organic treatments in the vineyards. The wines are all fermented spontaneously and a minimal amount of SO2 is used at bottling to stabilize the wines.


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