Bodega Navarrsotillo

Garnacha Blanca Skin Contact 2023

Gaupasa is a Basque word for staying out until daybreak to maximize time spent with friends and family. This skin-contact Garnacha Blanca is meant to conjure the relaxed fun of those nights. With just 12 days of skin-contact, this is a light and lovely introduction to orange wine. Fresh and aromatic, with notes of bruised yellow apple, tropical fruit, and savory herbs.

Bodega Navarrsotillo

Navarrsotillo is a family-run winery with vineyards in Rioja and neighboring Navarra. Founded in 1995 by brothers Andrés and Ramón Serrano, Navarrsotillo marries long-tested farming tradition with technology, innovation, and eco-friendly farming techniques. From the start, Navarrsotillo's commitment has been complete; vineyards are farmed biodynamically and winemaker intervention in the cellar is minimal.


Rioja and Navarra, Spain

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