Nals Magreid

'Galea' Schiava 2022


Simply put, this is summer barbecue juice. Pale red with copper highlights in the glass, this easygoing red, made from 100% Schiava offers lush aromas of strawberries, raspberries, baking spice, smoke, and slivered almonds. On the palate, the wine is mouthwatering and fresh, savory, juicy, and balanced through to the long finish. This wine sings alongside steak, burgers, ribs — pretty much anything on the grill.

Nals Magreid

 In no other region do North and South meet with as much pride and conviction as in Alto Adige, also known as Sudtirol. The Alps and the Dolomites dominate the landscape, and winegrowing has been part of the local culture for thousands of years. This land is the home of Nals Magreid, a revolutionary co-operative consisting of 138 winegrowing families cultivate around 160 hectares of vineyards. There are 14 areas, between two and twelve hectares in size, between the towns of Nals, in the Adige Valley, and Margreid, to the south. These geographical features exemplify the winery’s most valuable resources and are a constant source of inspiration when creating its wines. Under the watchful stewardship of winemaker Harald Schraffl and CEO Gottfried Pollinger, Nals Margreid uses sustainable farming techniques and a respectful approach to nature to produce exceptionally stylish, expressive wines. 


Alto Adige, Italy

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